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Translation Service Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Sale recommended by the SFT  
(Société française des traducteurs,

Acceptance of Terms

The client's order implies full acceptance of these terms, superseding any other documents or special conditions unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon in writing.

Quotation and Order Confirmation

Orders require a prior free quote from the translator. The client must confirm the quote in writing (via mail, fax, or email) to initiate the project. If modifications are made after the initial quote, additional charges may apply. Quotes expire after three months if not confirmed.


Proof of Order Confirmation

Emails, faxes, and digital files are considered valid proof of order confirmation.

Deposits for Large Orders

Orders over €1,000 may require a deposit before work begins.

Delivery Terms

Delivery dates are binding only after the translator receives all necessary documents and the client confirms the order. Delivery dates may change based on the translator's workload.

Translator's Obligation

The translator commits to a faithful translation and will consider client-provided materials (glossaries, diagrams) but is not responsible for inconsistencies in the source text.

Client's Obligations

The client should provide all necessary texts and information for translation. The client has 10 days post-delivery to raise any quality concerns.


The translator maintains confidentiality but is not liable for data interception during transmission. The client should specify preferred secure transmission methods.

Format of Delivery

Standard delivery is via email in Word format, with other formats available upon request, potentially incurring additional fees.

Liability Limitation

The translator’s liability is limited to the invoiced value, excluding stylistic nuances or delays due to unforeseen events.

Corrections and Proofreading

The translator may correct issues in collaboration with the client. Proofreading, especially for published works, may incur additional charges.

Payment Terms

Payment is due within 30 days of invoicing. Late payments may result in halted work and late fees.

Copyright Responsibility

The client must ensure they have the right to translate the document and acknowledges shared copyright of the translation.

Cancellation Policy

If the client cancels after work has begun, they are liable to pay for completed work and 50% of the uncompleted work.

Complaints and Disputes

Disputes should be referred to the Societe Frangaise des Traducteurs' Arbitration Commission, with a commitment to not pursue legal action for four months during arbitration attempts.

Note: This is a free translation of the original French, and is provided for the convenience of English-speaking readers. In the event of litigation, the French original alone shall be considered binding.

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