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Fady's Journey

It was an ordinary day, filled with the usual hum of activity, when my gaze fell upon a stranger immersed in an article on his phone. Intrigued by his deep engagement, I felt compelled to approach him. "What makes someone so absorbed in reading an article in this fast-paced era?" I asked.


He looked up,

... his eyes reflecting a mix of surprise and thoughtfulness. "The article is interesting, and the information it provides is rich in resources," he replied.

To my astonishment, I realized that the article he was so engrossed in was one of my translations for the "I Believe In Science" project. This serendipitous encounter was more than just a chance meeting; it was a revelation. It was a testament to the impact of translators in bridging cultures, sharing knowledge, and influencing lives.

From that day on, I carried this experience as a badge of honor, a reminder of the significant role translators play in connecting and enlightening people across different languages and cultures.

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